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Zenith Nutrition Probiotic Blend 240Capsules

: Zenith Nutrition
: 4400211050
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How Does Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Immune Formula Work? Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Immune Formula Is A High-Potency Formula Featuring A Blend Of...more

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Melting Pot Concepts Pvt. Ltd

No.40, 2nd Floor, Sundar Industrial Estate,New Timber Yard Layout, Mysore Road, Bangalore,Karnataka, India, Pin- 560026

Product Description

How Does Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Immune Formula Work? Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Immune Formula Is A High-Potency Formula Featuring A Blend Of Probiotics To Support Immune Health. The Body Is Normally Home To Trillions Of Bacteria—Existing In The Gastrointestinal Tract, Mouth, Skin And Other Areas—That Play An Important Part In Good Health. Beneficial Bacteria Help Break Down Food, Synthesize Vitamins And Support The Digestive Process. They Also Provide Immune Support By Protecting Against Harmful Bacteria That May Contribute To Poor Health. While The Low Ph Of The Stomach Is Usually Enough To Combat Any Potentially Harmful Organisms That Enter The Body, Good Bacteria Provide Back-Up Support By Secreting Antimicrobial Substances That Are Toxic To Pathogenic Bacteria. They Also Help Prevent Their Overgrowth By Crowding Them Out. A Number Of Factors, Including Poor Diet, Medication, Illness, Stress And Aging, Can Deplete Levels Of Beneficial Bacteria In The Body. That'S Why It'S Important To Incorporate A Good, High-Quality Probiotics Supplement In Your Everyday Diet. Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Immune Formula Features A Unique Probiotic Complex Containing Lactobacillus Rhamnosus , Bifobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophillis Bifidobacterium Longum. Probiotics May Offer The Following Benefits Aid In Healthy Digestion And Nutrient Assimilation. Replenish Colonies Of Friendly Bacteria That May Be Destroyed By Antibiotics And Certain Health Complications. Counter Overgrowth Of Bad Organisms In The Gastrointestinal Tract. Enhance Immune Response A Large Percentage Of Cells Of The Immune System Are Located In The Digestive Tract . Probiotics Improve And Maintain Your Health In Many Ways. The Healing Powers Of Fermented Milks Have Been Known For Centuries But It Has Only Been In The Last 100 Years That We Have Learned Much About The Microbes That Give These Substances There Healing Powers. It Has Also Been Relatively Recent That We Have Discovered More About The Specific Ways That These Microbes Improve Our Health. The Beneficial Bacteria That Make Up Our Gut Flora Have Many Functions In The Body And Are Essential To Our Health. A Search Of Medical Journals Will Find A Huge Number Of Experiments And Articles Of Research On The Benefits Of Probiotics. Some These Benefits Include Enhancing Bowel Function, Prevention Of Colon Cancer, Cholestoral Lowering, Lowering Of Blood Pressure, Improving Immune Function And Reducing Infections, Reducing Infammation, Improving Mineal Absorption, Preventing Growth Of Harmful Bacteria, Fighting Off Diseases Like Candida And Exzema, And Many More. Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Blend Is A Potent Probiotic Blend Containing 4 Different Probiotics Strains, With Each Strain Offering Its Own Unique Health Benefits. It Also Features A Superior 1 Billion Colony Forming Units Cfus In Each Two-Capsule Serving. Zenith Nutrition’S Probiotic Blend Contains Fos, A Highly Concentrated Complex Of Fructooligosaccharides, Or Naturally-Occurring Carbohydrates Also Known As Prebiotics That Are Indigestible By Humans But Serve As Food An Energy Source For Friendly Bacteria In The Intestines, Helping To Increase Their Numbers In The Body. Fos Has Been Shown To Improve The Absorption Of Calcium, Magnesium And Soy Isoflavones, Which May Contribute To Bone, Immune And Digestive Health. Fos Also Provides Added Fiber.

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