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Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti-Ageing Face Scrub

: Vaadi Herbals
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Vaadi Herbals

T-2/129, Mangolpuri Industrial Area, Phase-1, Delhi-110083, Delhi,Delhi, India, Pin- 110083

Product Description

Aren’t scrubs too harsh for the soft facial skin? Then why do I need to use one? Scrubbing is very important for good health and appearance of the skin. It is because as we age the natural cycle of our skin cells slows down. That is, new cells grow at a slower rate and even old cells shed off at a slower rate. The result is that, old, dead cells start accumulating on the surface of the skin. This makes our (facial) skin look dull and dark. Yes, most scrubs are harsh for the face. As, the scrub granules in them tend to be too rough and end up doing more harm than good. That is why, it is important that one chooses only those scrubs that are specially formulated for the face. These do the necessary exfoliation for the face; including removing dead cells, brightening the complexion and smoothing the tone; while being extremely gentle on the skin. Why is Lavender Oil included in this scrub? Oil from the Lavandula officinalis flower, enriched with linalool, is known to decongest the skin and improve blood and lymph circulation. This helps flush out toxins from the skin as well as better the supply of nutrients to the cells; thus improving the health of skin cells. A potent anti-oxidant, it protects the skin cells from age-related free radical damage to the cells, as well as boosts the production of new skin cells. This serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it promotes the healing of scar tissues, and prevents formation of new ones. Secondly, it delays the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. What benefit does Rosemary Oil provide as a skin revitalizing agent? Rosemary Oil exhibits excellent skin-regenerative properties. As such it helps fade fine lines and wrinkles; as well as lightens pigmentation marks and other blemishes. It also reduces skin puffiness and grants health to the cells by stimulating blood flow. This rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Further on, being anti-inflammatory in nature, it helps soothe the skin. While it’s anti-microbial property helps heal wounds and keeps the skin free of infective and acne-causing microbes. This oil is derived from a particular plant of the mint family, namely the Rosemary or Rosemarinus officinalis. What is Manjistha and how does in bettering the skin complexion? Manjistha or Rubia cordifolia proves to be an effective herb in the treatment of marks; including pigmentation loss, freckles or discoloration, acne and wound marks etc. Moreover, it’s rejuvenating property speeds up the scar healing process of burns and wounds; while it also prevents the formation of new scars. Also known as the Indian Madder, it is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Thus it helps soothe the skin and smooth its tone. It softens the skin while also fighting against a number of skin infections, including acne and its recurrent forms. Thus it effectively rejuvenates the skin and keeps it healthy. How does Cinnamon oil help in exfoliation? Cinnamon oil is highly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial; and mildly astringent. These properties help fight acne and other skin infections; while helping ease any redness and inflammation. Cinnamon oil is also a rich source of anti-oxidants; neutralizing free radicals; and delaying the aging of our skin. Moreover, because of its warming effect, cinnamon oil stimulates blood circulation; granting your skin an increased supply of nutrients. This too reduces acne break-outs, as well as improves the overall health of the skin. What makes walnuts good exfoliation agents? Walnuts shells are hard and fibrous, making them naturally abrasive; perhaps a little too abrasive for our skin. However, when crushed to a fine powder, they are an effective natural exfoliant ingredient. As their angular, multi-faceted particles retain the same hardness, yet owing to the fine particle size, are rendered gently abrasive. Walnut scrub helps restore the natural exfoliation process of the skin; while ridding the epidermis of f the dead cell accumulation. It is also effec

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